February 8, 2019

New Short-Term Rental Regulations In MA

Legislation was recently signed into law aimed at regulating short-term rentals such as Airbnb and HomeAway. The bill’s regulations go into effect this year, and will require certain hosts to register with the state, obtain insurance, and pay the same 5.7 percent state tax as hotels for rental contracts entered on or after January 1, 2019.

The regulation will allow cities and towns to levy additional taxes up to 6 percent (up to 6.5 percent in Boston) on properties renting for more than 14 nights per year. Properties renting for no more than 14 nights per year are exempt from the hotel tax, registry, and insurance requirements. Check your rental unit’s eligibility here.

For Boston properties:

  • You can register your short-term rental unit in Boston here, and long-term rental property here.

For other cities and towns:

  • For more information on how the new regulations could impact your property, please see Mass.gov’s website.

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