January 7, 2020

Need help with Record Sealing?

A criminal record, for many, operates as a major barrier to employment and housing. Many people with records have not actually been convicted of a crime or have been convicted of a minor offense that occurred at a young age and/or long ago. Although Massachusetts law enables individuals to seal their records in circumstances where the record has no bearing on their employment capability, many individuals who are eligible to have their records sealed do not have the knowledge or expertise to undertake this process and cannot afford an attorney to help.

To assist members of our community, the Boston Bar Association in collaboration with the Greater Boston Legal Services launched a monthly CORI Sealing Clinic that assists low-income clients in asking courts to seal their criminal records. We provide volunteer attorneys who give clients a short consultation, assess the client’s needs, and assist with filling out the proper forms in order to request and seal the client’s CORI.

Over the last year, we have assisted 117 clients, worked with 32 volunteer attorneys across 16 different law firms, and provided learning opportunities for 17 Law students.

If you are an attorney interested in volunteering with the CORI Sealing Clinic, please click here for more information.

Individuals needing to hire a private attorney for any type of case can call the Boston Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at 617-742-0625, connect with an attorney online 24/7 by clicking “Get Started” here, or by submitting an email request online today.