October 25, 2018

New: Electronic Filing of Small Claims Cases

Do you need to file a small claim? Good news- you may be able to save a trip to the courthouse! The Massachusetts Trial Court recently introduced an online interview process, known as “Guide & File,” to allow anyone with a small claim to complete the process from a computer and electronically submit documentation to the court.

Guide & File simplifies the filing process for this straightforward legal matter and prompts applicants through a step-by-step series of guided questions. The responses produce a completed legal document that can be electronically submitted to the court for a small fee.

A small claims case is a special process to resolve civil cases in which the damages usually do not exceed $7000. Claims are initially heard by a clerk-magistrate and may be appealed to a judge. The guided interview process can be especially helpful for self-represented litigants, and is designed to be accessible for all users by providing questions you can answer in plain language. For more information, please visit www.mass.gov/small-claims. This website has resources and guides, including multilingual videos about the small claims process.

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