June 18, 2018

Get the wages that are rightfully yours!

Unfortunately, there are some employers out there who try to take advantage of their employees. Some bosses assume that their workers don’t know their rights, and/or won’t fight back when wages are illegally withheld. However, for Massachusetts employees there’s a plethora of resources available to help you secure the wages you are entitled to.

Next Monday, June 25th, and then on July 30th, the Attorney General’s Office is hosting a Free Wage Clinic at Suffolk University Law School (120 Tremont St, Boston, MA, 02108) from 4-6 pm. There will be lawyers, law students, worker advocates, and others there with the goal of helping you get paid. They can teach you your rights, help you file an official complaint online, draft a demand letter, prepare a small claims complaint, or generally advise you on your options.

It helps to bring along any relevant papers such as pay stubs, time sheets, and any correspondence from your employer. This can help the attorneys understand and build your case.

Walk-ins are absolutely welcome and encouraged, but if you will be needing an interpreter you should try to request one at least a week in advance, as explained in English, Español, Português, 汉语/漢語, tiếng Việt, af Soomaali, and العَرَبِيَّة. Everyone is welcome, regardless of immigration status.

If you’re not able to make it to this Wage Clinic, or you have further questions for an attorney, contact the Boston Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service. We have plenty of experienced private attorneys who have been recouping wages for many years, and want to help you do the same. You can call us at 617-742-0625, or visit our newly redesigned website and click “Get Started” to refer yourself to a qualified attorney today.